Stonehell and its surrounds

Session 5 - Stonehell

"No good can come from dealing with fairies." - Wilhem

Pixie negotiation – pixies promise a safe place to rest to the north. Wilhelm digs his heels in and refuses to go north. He then re-aligns the poles and guides the party in a ‘Southerly’ direction. Gwen Schiller chased towards the adventurers by carnivorous apes. Gwen’s henchman throws a sword and is then torn apart. Cowardly torch bearer makes enemies of the rest of the party swiftly. Gwen uses her sleep spell to finish off the apes which tear down a bugbear. Party camp behind secret door and rest.

A hob 2

Negotiate passage with hobgoblins who warn Wilhelm of a secret painting that is trapped. Wilhelm won the hobgoblins trust with his accurate description of the khan as well as his story about them being on a secret assignment from the Khan himself. Berserk cannibals encountered and avoided. Zombies shuffle onto the scene and a cannibal zombie battle occurs. The party pick off the sole remaining zombie.

Painting found with small words written in mouth. Party choose not to read words based on Wilhelm’s warning received from the hobgoblin. Cowardly torch bearer bullied into picking up some brass scrolls. A beam from an eye strikes him and he disappears. Gwen is happy with scrolls, Wilhelm and Frank are happy the torch bearer is gone.

While navigating a huge hall the party is beset by spiders the size of rottweilers. Fearing poison, a sleep spells abruptly ends the combat. Later the party attract the attention of some undead. The undead paralyze a bugbear and the party flee. Wilhelm obsesses over a weather vane and covers it in oil. As the group retreat from undead the weather vane or ‘cock’ is set alight. Undead do not pursue and are happy to munch on the abandoned bugbear. Re-exploring the huge hall the group find a dwarf crushed under some rubble. Wilhelm takes the dwarfs boots. They are very stylish and almost certainly magical.


Maddening secrets are whispered. Wilhelm ignores, Frank listens and gains some mad wisdom. Spiders in a padded cell are set on fire and gems discovered amongst the charred remains. Giant bats are killed and containers full of odd liquid and coins discovered and looted.

A stone cairn with a warning ‘Do not disturb the slumber of it’ discovered. Doused in oil and set alight. No hirelings were willing to risk moving the stones.

A pixies

Fairy ring discovered. When attempting mushroom vandalism the invisible pixies strike. Wilhelm, the one handed hireling with a door strapped to his back (he lost his hand retrieving a key and getting gooped by green slime) and Frank are trapped by a magically summoned web. Gwen throws down with the pixies and wins the day with a sleep spell. The lead pixie drops and is caught by Gwen who hesitates for only a moment before snapping the creatures neck. The remaining pixies are cowed by Gwen’s Phantasmal creature spell which she used to summon a wraith like undead monstrosity.

Party warned that Rythik, whoever he is, will kill them all. Pixies threaten to lead Rythik to them.


550 XP each. Sounds like Wilhelm has leveled.
The surviving hirelings (2 goblins + 2 humans) have made it to 575XP. If they hit 1,000 XP they get a bit better.

Session 5 - Stonehell

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