Derek Schiller

killed by gentlemen ghouls on the 4th level of Stonehell


Specialist level 1

2 dots in sneak attack and I am not sure about the rest.

He wears leather armour and uses a rapier. He also has a short bow and arrows looted from Zorrel Gnast’s bandits.

850 XP


A traveled swordsman and man of letters. You spent some years studying at the Luccini academy and have recently returned to your fathers lands to take on the mantle of leadership. Or at least that’s what you tell people. You went to a handful of dueling classes and spent the remaining years drinking fine wines at your fathers expense.

Noble born son of the lord Gerhard Schiller you have taken it upon yourself to hunt down and bring to justice the notorious Zorrel Gnast and his motley bandit crew. If nothing else this would assuage your growing doubt of your own ability with the blade. Zorrel has plagued your family lands for years. Scouts have tracked the bandit to a nearby system of caves right next to the notorious Stonehell dungeon.

Your father doesn’t know of this mission. He forbade you entertain thoughts of risking your life battling bandits but your honour has been impinged. He knew of your slacking off in Luccini and worries that your abilities will be found wanting and so he prefers you not risk your neck on adventures.

Derek Schiller

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