Frank Poxblast

Brutal, tactically astute and occasionally unhinged warrior


Level 5 fighter

Charisma: 12
Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 12
Intelligence: 11
Strength: 17 (18) thanks to an encounter with the witch Sarscha.
Wisdom: 8

Wears plate armour. Wields a +1 war hammer called Skull Crusher and a shield. I think his mushroom hat might be broken now.



Killed by gentlemen ghouls on level 4 of Stonehell


Your brutal, strong, and Derek Schiller’s right hand man. You love a good fight and enjoy the rush of combat.

You were a Bailiff in the service of the Noble Lord Gerhard Schiller though now you nominally work for his son. Your tasks included enforcing the peasants labour obligations to their lord and collecting taxes. You excelled in your work, particularly the fighting, and caught the eye of the Lord who recruited you directly in the present undertaking. Promising you an equal share of whatever treasure you found you dream of earning enough to never have to return to Bailiff duties again.

The fact that the bandits lair close to the infamous Stonehell dungeon is an added attraction. From all accounts that place is full of loot with ample opportunities for fighting, and fighting is what you do best.

Frank Poxblast

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