Gwen Schiller


Level 1 magic-user

Charisma: 10
Constitution: 10
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 9
Strength: 4
Wisdom: 14

Wears leather armour and carries a crossbow (which is broken now). Currently has a pixies spell book with web, magic missile and a few other spells. She also carries some scrolls that the group have looted from a few places.

Gwen knows the sleep and charm person spells.

1,400 XP


A talented apprentice wizard with a fiery temper. Your the sister of Derek Schiller and have been roped into this adventure by your brother; not that you needed any encouragement.

Fascinated by magic and accustomed to getting your way, you threw a number of violent fits till your parents were only too willing to apprentice you to a local mage of some repute – Hieronymus Blitzen. After a years apprenticeship Hieronymus named you his most apt pupil and sent you out into the world to put your arcane skills into practice.

You have little stake in the proceedings apart from money, power and the chance to show off.

Gwen Schiller

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