house rules

Critical Hits

Player characters can’t have less than 0 hit points.  Each time a player character takes damage that would take them to or below 0 hit points their hit points are set to 0 and they must roll on the More Death and Dismemberment table.  Men-at-arms, cooks, pet donkeys, etc are dead at 0 and do not roll. As are mundane monsters.  Henchmen with levels might roll, or might die at 0.  Same with major foes, such orc chieftan and dreaded owlbear.

More Death and Dismemberment

  • 2 or lower Instant Death (decapitated or similar death from CtB).
  • 3 Fatal Wound (gutted, stabbed through lung, broken back, and the like) die in 1d20×10 minutes. A Wish or similar effect would heal wound. Knocked Out until death unless Save vs Death is made.
  • 4-5 Severed Limb use hit location die, if head rolled and no helmet then as ‘2’, if body rolled and no armor then as ‘3’, otherwise will bleed out and die in 1d6 rounds. Magical healing (magic used for this will not restore lost hp), a tourniquet, or cauterization with fire will allow a Save vs Death with bonus equal to lvl of spell cast, if any. Success means character requires 3d4 weeks of healing. Knocked Out until death unless Save vs Death is made.
  • 6-7 Broken Bone use hit location die. 3d4 weeks to heal. Knocked Out 1d20 rounds unless Save vs Death is made.  If head bone was broke and no helmet and failed save then knocked out, “in coma”, until healed instead.
  • 8-9 Knocked Out for 1d12 rounds if wearing a helm. If no helmet then as Broken Head Bone.
  • 10-11 Stunned for 1d4 rounds and lose helm if wearing helm. Knocked Out for 1d12 rounds if not wearing helm.
  • 12+ “Now I’m Mad” a surge of adrenaline returns 1d4 hit points per hit die. At the end of the combat, the adrenaline drains away, hit points are reduced to zero, and the PC faints for 2d6 rounds. If you roll this more than once in a single combat consider yourself a Bezerker under the effects of a potion of super-heroism.

Kickin’m When They’re Down

If you have time, a defenseless (unconscious, bound, etc.) victim lives at your pleasure and you may coup de grâce them at will.  During combat or an otherwise hectic situation you must instead roll d6 and consult the More Death and Dismemberment table for each “attack”.

Magical Healing of Long Term Wounds

Character’s hit points can’t be restored magically or otherwise until they are conscious and healed of any wounds.   In place of healing hit points each “point” healed reduces wound healing time by 1 week. Only one such healing is allowed per day and it requires the more or less constant attention (12 hours) of the healer(s).  Limited activity by the patient (puttering around camp/town, being transported by litter) and double rest 16 hours is required.

First Aid

After combat (but not more than once per fight), each character can use first aid on himself or his companion, this requires a turn (10 minutes) of time, but allows 1d3 wounds to be healed. Warriors and Clerics receive special training in first aid: the former can add half their level rounded to the outcome of the shot, while the latter adds exactly their level of the outcome of the wounds healed.

house rules

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