Specialist or Thief


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Fighters are adventurers because they are so inured to death that they cannot settle down to a normal life. Magic-Users are those that have pursued the dark arts and are no longer welcome in society. Clerics are charged by their god to go forth and perform their special duties. Specialists? They do it because they want to. Whether inspired by greed, boredom, or idle curiosity, Specialists are professional explorers risking life and limb simply because a less active life is distasteful to them. In some ways this makes them the only sane and normal adventuring characters, but in other ways it makes them the most unusual.

The Specialist is unique because the character class has no special abilities of its own. Instead, a Specialist is better at certain activities that all characters are able to do at a basic level. The Specialist begins at the same default level in these activities as other characters, but receives “points” which can be used to be better in the chosen skills. The available skills (and their default starting values for all characters) are:

­ * Climbing (1 in 6)

­ * Searching (1 in 6)

­ * Find Traps (1 in 6)

­ * Foraging and Hunting (various)

­ * Languages (1 in 6)

­ * Sleight of Hand (1 in 6)

­ * Sneak Attack

­ * Stealth (1 in 6)

­ * Tinkering (1 in 6)

Most of the rules covering these skills are in the Adventuring: Rules of the Game section of this book.

For skills that are “x in 6,” allocating a point increases the chance by one. For example, Read Languages begins at 1 in 6. A Specialist allocating a point there increases his chance to 2 in 6.
For other characters, Sneak Attacks are merely attacks made by surprise.

A Specialist can multiply the damage done by a Sneak Attack by allocating points in this skill. Assume that the damage multiplier is x1 for all characters, and every point allocated increases the multiplier by one. If a Specialist has any points in Sneak Attack, then he also gets a +2 bonus to hit above any other bonuses when performing a Sneak Attack.

When use of an ability is attempted, the player must roll d6 and if the result is equal to or less than the ability, the action is successful. In some cases the Referee will make the roll if the character would not immediately know if they were successful. For example, the character will easily be able to tell if they’ve successfully picked a lock or not, so the player can
make that roll. On the other hand, the character would not know, after searching for traps, if they failed to find a trap or if there simply isn’t one present. The Referee will make that roll.
If a Specialist has a 6 in 6 skill, the roll to succeed is made with two dice, and only if both dice come up 6 does the attempt fail.

The Specialist must be unencumbered to use any of the class abilities that involve movement, and must have Specialist Tools (see Equipment section) to use Find Traps or Tinkering.

Specialist or Thief

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